AWRA AMBA'S E(U)TOPIA (Work in Progress)


Filmmaker Salem Mekuria is making a full length documentary of this unique community. The Vimeo link will take you to a trailer that will introduce you to this community, introduce you to some of the members and their lifestyle.


About seventy years ago, Zumra Nuru was born into a traditional agrarian Muslim family in a remote village in Northern Ethiopia near what is now Awra Amba. He never went to school. As a child he started questioning why things were as unequal and unjust as he observed life in his village to be.  He dreamt of a society where people could live in peace and full equality regardless of who they were. Fifty years ago that dream materialized into what is now known as Awra Amba, a community based on true equality in all aspects of life and where religion is a private affair. This story introduces a revolutionary society thriving in the heart of a very conservative Ethiopia. With interviews and compelling scenes of the village and its people, Awra Amba’s (E)utopia will guve us a glimpse into their unique lifestyle.

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