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Square Stories Trilogy (2019)




A Triptych Video Installation by Salem  Mekuria


FORMAT: 3 Quicktime Files

BluRay DVD of 3-in-1
LENGTH: 74:34
Year Released: 2019


Salem Mekuria
Editor: Sarah B. Peck

Square Stories Trilogy

A Triptych Video Installation | By Salem Mekuria

On three simultaneous screens, in three parts, the Square Stories Trilogy showcases the transformation of Maskal Square, the only major public square in the country designed for the performance of social and political power, an ever-evolving locus where past and present collide. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia has been undergoing a massive and rapid modernization process in the last twenty years. High rises sprouted throughout the city displacing millions. A light rail transit system has now been added into the iconic Square. The Trilogy tracks this transformation focusing on how the lives and activities in the Square have been impacted.

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