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AWRA AMBA'S (E)UTOPIA (Work in Progress)


I am raising money to complete a full length film documentary about the unique community of Awra Amba.  The film will tell the story of how a small dusty village called Awra Amba in Northern Ethiopia gave birth to a uniquely indigenous utopian society in 1972, and is still thriving fifty years on. In the spring of 2022, Awra Ambans celebrated their 50th anniversary. I have been documenting their story since 2014. but filming was suspended because of the Covid Pandemic and the armed conflict in Tigray. Now that the conflict is on the way to resolution, I would like to complete shooting the final portion of the film in February-March 2023. Please help me complete shooting the documentary.

No donation is too small!


Seventy five years ago, Zumra Nuru was born into a traditional agrarian Muslim family in a remote village in Northern Ethiopia near what is now Awra Amba. Though he never went to school as a child he started questioning why things were as unequal and unjust as he observed life in his village to be.  He dreamt of a society where people could live in peace and full equality regardless of who they were. Fifty years ago that dream materialized into what is now known as Awra Amba, a community based on true equality in all aspects of life and where religion is a private affair. With interviews and scenes of the village of Awra Amba and its inhabitants, the short film Awra Amba's (E)utopia will give you a glimpse into the unique lifestyle of this revolutionary society thriving in the heart of a very conservative Ethiopia. To see the short film use the Vimeo link below.

For more detailed description of the documentary and Awra Amba's projects, click on links below:

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