The Water Project at Awra Aamba

Seventy years ago, Zumra Nuru was born into a traditional rural Muslim family in a remote village in Northern Ethiopia. He never went to school. As a boy, he questioned why things were as unequal and unjust as he observed life in his village to be.  He dreamt of a society where people could live in peace and full equality regardless of who they were.

The people of Awra Amba work hard to be self-reliant and are environmentally conscious. With mud bricks and their bare hands they built their homes, a library and a kindergarten for their children, and an elderly home for their seniors.

Forty-five years ago, that dream materialized into what is now Awra Amba, an intentionally organized community of 500 people who practice true equality in every aspect of life. In a country rife with ethnic and religious divisions, where women live under constant threat of violence, this exceptional community is committed to gender equality and universal inclusion.

The Threat of Climate Change

 But now they face a challenge they can’t meet on their own: a chronic drought due to climate change has sucked dry their water supply and threatens their very existence.

We want to help them raise $60,000 for a solar powered system to pump water from a deep well and enable them to get clean water supply. They are poised to diversify their economy with community gardens, fruit orchards, and oil from seeds they grow.  Giving to this cause will not only help this unique community to grow and thrive, but it will also contribute to environmental sustainability.

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